Kitchenaid Pasta Press

Modern Kitchen Design with KPEXTA White Pasta Press Attachment, Six Varieties Pastas Maker Machine, and Easy Plate Cleaning Brush

Kitchenaid Pasta Press

Traditional Italian Kitchen Decoration with KPEXTA KitchenAid Pasta Press Attachment, Spaghetti Six Piece Stainless Plate, and Stand Mixers Kitchen Appliance

Modern Cook Room Ideas with KitchenAid Homemade Pasta Press, Rigatoni Pastas Maker Machine, and White Stand Mixers Attachment

Modern Home Interior Decor with Dual White Stand Mixers Pasta Press, Large Macaroni Maker Machine, and Freestanding Kitchen Appliance

Modern Interior Design with White Pasta Extruder Attachment, Easy Clean Metal Disk Plates, and Large Macaroni Homemade Pastas Maker

Modern Kitchen Ideas with KitchenAid White Gourmet Pasta Press, Changeable Stainless Steel Cutter Plate, and Short Fusilli Maker Machine

KitchenAid Red Stand Mixers Pasta Press with Feed Balls Hopper Attachment, Homemade Small Macaroni Maker Machine, and 6 Stainless Steel Plates Included

Freestanding Pasta Press Attachment with Small Macaroni Maker Machine, High Gloss Blue Homemade Pastas Extruder, and Six Stainless Steel Plates